"This handy new jig takes mortising with a plunge router to a new level."
Woodsmith Magazine No. 176
Wood Magazine, May 2009, Shop Proven Products: 5 Stars
"Rout mortises as quickly as dowel joints."
The Woodworker, UK, October 2008
"Every now and then I come across a piece of equipment that really works. This jig is precision made to the highest standards and is really easy to use, turning out perfect joints every time"
Australian Wood Review
"I used the jig to make a variety of mortises and found it fast and accurate. Certainly not as fast as a Domino but it is more flexible."
"...a beautifully made and astonishingly simple to use mortising jig."
Michael Dresdner, Woodworkers Journal Ezine
"Bottom line: the Mortise Pal is a well-machined tool that works."
Glen D. Huey Popular Woodworking
"With the Mortise Pal, floating tenon joinery has never been easier."
Gord Graff, Associate Editor, Canadian Woodshop News and Review
"It is simple to setup, simple to use, and produces flawless mortises without raising a sweat." "The Mortise Pal has risin to near the top of my indispensable tool list."
Jack Loganbill, The Woodshop
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